Melinda Roth

Contact: 386-292-3613

Visit me at:

Melinda is a self taught freelance artist from Miami, Florida and has been drawing in graphite pencils and charcoal since she was a small child.  She specializes in classical realism portraits of pets, people and wildlife.  Although Melinda works in other media, her favorite is Graphite pencils and Charcoal.  Her style is distinguished by her dream state ethereal look.  Her art is quiet and yet mysteriously alive.  One can not help being mesmerized by the motion she captures in her subjects' eyes, all created with the humble pencil.

Melinda's skilled draughtsmanship has won many awards in the U.S. and Internationally and has been displayed in galleries and boutiques along the east coast from Miami to New York.  She has recently reconnected with her art and believes it's good for her soul giving her a feeling of peace.  Melinda enjoys working with and in nature.  Sometimes you can find her sitting in the woods next to a 100 year old Oak tree sketching and creating.

When not in her art studio you can find her with her horses or tending to her garden.  She has a love and enjoyment for nature that extends to wild plant foraging in the woods, studying natural medicines and hiking the Smokey Mountains or kayaking the beautiful Suwannee River.


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